Early Developments

The Lodge Banner

At the first regular meeting of the Lodge, on Saturday, 14th November 1981, nine Brethren became the first joining members, and Messrs. Oscar Gugen and Reg Vallintine were the first to be initiated.


As an early recruiting drive, a very discreet advertisement was placed in Diver magazine, inviting contact from like-minded divers who “were taught to be cautious”. This did result in one or two joining members, but also led to an innocent enquiry from a young lady. It would appear that no application forms were completed in this instance.
At one of the more-memorable early meetings, a candidate promptly fainted whilst taking his obligation.


Fortunately, one of the visitors happened to be a doctor, and was able to inform those present that it was not anything more serious than a fit of nerves. This might be something that many Brethren might relate to when recalling their own initiation




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