The Founding and Consecration

SummonsThe British Sub Aqua Lodge No. 8997 was consecrated on Thursday, 10th September 1981, at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London. It remains an “affinity lodge” or “hobby lodge”, in that it welcomes members from all over Britain who have a shared interest in both the fraternities of sub-aqua diving and Masonry.

Many of the Founding Members were, or had been, eminent members of the British Sub Aqua Club at that time – W. Bro. Harry Gould was a former National Chairman, W. Bro. Alan Watkinson a former National Diving Officer and Vice-Chairman, W. Bro. John Meredith, National Hon. Secretary, and Bro. Fred Lock, Overseas Holiday Advisor.


Bro. Lock was probably the first to initiate the idea of forming the Lodge. He was certainly conferring with other BSAC members, who were also Masons, for some two years before. Members past and present clearly owe much to his vision and persistence as, without it, the Lodge would probably never have existed as it does today.

Please Click Here to Download a High Resolution version of the Consecration Summons


The first Founding Committee meeting was held at Crystal Palace during a BSAC conference, and W. Bro. Gould was elected Chairman. He later went on to become the first Worshipful Master. He was a member of London Mayors Lodge, among others, and it was decided to ask that Lodge to be the sponsoring or Mother Lodge. At their meeting of Monday, 16th March 1981, the Brethren of that Lodge approved the Petition for the new daughter lodge. The warrant was granted on 30th April of that year. As a matter of interest, London Mayors Lodge No. 3560 is the daughter lodge of the Guildhall Lodge No 3116, which in turn is the daughter lodge of Grand Masters Lodge No.1, so BSAL has very distinguished antecedents.

V. W. Bro. Commander Michael Higham, the Grand Secretary, was the Consecrating Officer. Prior to the founding of Metropolitan Grand Lodge in 2003, London was regarded as the province of the Grand Secretary, and for this reason, and the fact that he was a former Royal Navy diver, he chose to preside on this occasion. At the conclusion of the ceremony, he and the other Consecrating Officers were made the first Honorary Members.















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