Extraordinary meetings

From the outset, the national nature of the British Sub Aqua Club was reflected in the origins of the Lodge members, who travelled from all parts of the country to meetings at Great Queen Street, London. The Lodge was largely only considered a London Lodge because it was the “most mutually inconvenient place” for the Brethren all to meet, and some consideration was given to moving meetings around accordingly, in order to share the pain.
In recognition of this, it soon became tradition that an extraordinary meeting would be held in July each year at Uppermill, near Oldham. The first such meeting was held on the 9th July, 1983, whilst the Worshipful Master was W. Bro. Alan Watkinson – whose Masonic origins were in the Province of East Lancashire.

In the early years, a further suggestion was made that one meeting each year should also be held in the province of the Master of that year. By way of a trial, a meeting was thus held in Stroud on the 14th May, 1988, when Bro. George Skuse was presiding as Master. Whilst it was a successful meeting, it proved too difficult to organise and repeat. One can only imagine the relief of the Lodge Secretary of being freed from that burden.

Nevertheless, it later became regular practice that the May meeting would be held by dispensation in Dorset. The first of these was on the 9th May, 1992, with Bro. John Lowe as Master.

Past meetings in Dorset have been variously held in Portland, Poole, and Branksome (in the Parkstone district of Poole). In later years, Branksome has been the regular favoured venue.


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