Peculiar Lodge equipment

Some of the Lodge equipment reflects the other common shared interest of its members.

The Lodge banner and logo includes a representation of Poseidon – the god of the sea in Greek mythology – bearing a traditional trident.

At the time of the Consecration, Bro. Alan Colton donated an inscribed charity collection plate made especially from brass salvaged from a ship wrecked near Tobermory in 1895.

A trimmed-down jetfin shoe, and an old and sturdy Siebe diver’s knife are sometimes (harmlessly) used during certain parts of Masonic ritual.


In 2005, the purchase of a new elaborate cushion was approved, but on the 18th February 2006, W. Bro. Alex Fieldwick, of Charlton Park Lodge No. 5253, made a visit to the Lodge to make a gift of a bible cushion. Sadly, the Charlton Park Brethren had recently been obliged to surrender their warrant, and Bro. Fieldwick had been left with the unenviable and emotional task of disposing of much of their equipment. The cushion was soon adorned with the name of the British Sub-Aqua Lodge on one side, but the original name of Charlton Park Lodge was left on the other, as a continuing reminder to the Brethren of its past, and its benefit to the BSAL.

During the Lodge meetings, the cushion supports a large ornate a copy of the Bible which was published in 1858, and was donated by W. Bro. Harry Gould at the time of the Consecration.



In 2020, a cable tow was purchased with a combined nautical and Masonic symbolic significance.